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The Tenant in Common Exchange is for owners, buyers, and sellers of tenant in common shares in real estate. All ticX listed properties are available for shared ownership. Feel free to browse. However, unless you subscribe, important property information will not be accessible, and you will not be able to place a bid or purchase a property share. Subscribe and start building your property portfolio one bite-sized piece at a time!


To make a bid, receive bid alerts, or purchase a property share, you must be a registered subscriber. Subscription is free and subscribers can access the ticXtra information such as Property Documents, Property Details & Property Cash Flow to assist them in making an informed investment decision. 


Only ticX Members are legally able to offer any property for shared ownership. TicX Members can list any residential, commercial or rural property onto the platform. TicX Membership is available to Real Estate Agents, Property Developers and Private Vendors enabling them to reach a broader buyer demographic.

Featured properties

Properties Available for Shared Ownership

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Unlock your Professional Potential with ticX Agent Accreditation Training

TicX Membership allows agents to legally offer any property for shared ownership. Elevate your real estate career by enrolling in the 2024 ticX Membership Accreditation Training tailored for Real Estate Agents.

Our comprehensive program empowers agents to secure more listings, more sales, and manage a broader portfolio of properties.

Types of Property suitable for Shared Ownership

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Form an Investment Club

Housing affordability is a key issue and with interest rates rising, the situation could worsen. For many, shared ownership will be the only way to get on the property ladder.

Meaning of ‘investment club’ in this context: Combine with others so that together they have sufficient funds to buy a property.

Start a Property Syndicate

Syndication offers property investors with limited available capital, the opportunity to invest in real estate that would otherwise be out of their reach financially.

If you dream of owning property and securing a better financial future, consider forming a small-scale property syndicate.

What if I find a property I like somewhere else?

Buying shares in property not listed on ticX

Buying a share in a property is a simple process. If you’ve found a property somewhere else that you’d like to buy a share in, if you’re a subscriber, you can request an ‘Intent to Purchase a Property Share‘ form. Complete the form and present it to the agent handling the property. You can also use the same form for family, friends or colleagues who might like to join with you in acquiring a property.

You might like to suggest to the agent representing the property to contact ticX if they require any help with a share sale or purchase.

Shared Property Investing

To receive the 'Intent to Purchase a Share in a Property' form, you will first need to 'subscribe'.

For Vendors!
Reach a broader buyer demographic, list your property directly on ticX or through your local ticX Member agent!

Equity Release for Seniors

Downsize by Selling a Share

Attention homeowners, renovators, builders and entrepreneurs! The new Tenant in Common Exchange means you can now create a fully serviced separate living space that can be sold separately without the need to strata title.

This not only presents enormous opportunities for retirees to downsize by selling a separate living space in their family home, but also provides an affordable housing opportunity for others.

If you have a property that could be easily renovated (subject to Council approval) into one or more separate living spaces. If you’re a ‘subscriber’, you can request an ‘Intent to Purchase (orSell) a Property Share‘ form.

Only ticX Members are legally able to offer any property
for shared ownership.

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