ticX shared ownership available


The sharing economy also known as collaborative consumption is regarded by many as new age but is it really new. Many recent startup business models package ‘shared ownership’ as being innovative but structurally complex and administratively costly requiring a big business approach to attract investors.

Does a sharing business model need to be convoluted and hard to understand ? I don’t think so and the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) trading platform for transacting real estate shared ownership is a perfect example of keeping the business model simple, transparent and less costly for the benefit of those using the trading platform.

The concept adopted by ticX is not new but ticX has been able to commercialise an established way of owning property as a tenant in common. Big is not always best and often a simpler more direct and less structured approach can provide more value and benefits to investors and consumers alike.

Take a look at ticX.com.au….turning a long established and proven legal concept into ‘new’!