what is ticX ?


The Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) is a trading platform for investors to directly acquire a share in a property with like-minded others, sharing expenses, rental income and capital value proportionate to the percentage held and registered on title. This is called shared ownership, co-ownership, tenancy in common or fractional ownership.

ticX is where you can de-risk your investment portfolio by only buying the ownership share of a property you can afford.

The ticX trading platform is where properties are able to be legally OFFERED for sale to multiple buyers. Whilst buyers have always been able to purchase a property as tenants in common ticX Members are in the unique position of being able to OFFER any ticx listed property to multiple buyers.

Until the development of ticX a trading platform for the sale & acquisition of tenant in common interests in real estate did not exist.

The ticX trading platform at long last provides valuable liquidity for tenant in common ownership and considerably more risk adverse investment opportunities for co-owning than ever before.

for buyers ticX means you no longer need to buy the whole property. Shared ownership makes every property ‘affordable’. Buyers of ownership shares are the legal owners of the asset and their interest is separately registered on title as a co-owner.

for sellers every ticX listed property is available for purchase by a single buyer in the usual way or by two or more co-owners, whichever occurs first. ticX allows sellers to reach a much broader buyer demographic.

If you would like to reach a much broader buyer demographic you should set your property to ‘shared ownership available‘ by listing it on ticX.