usually the Title is the physical address of the property e.g.
24 John Road, Brisbane, Qld, 4000
if wanting to keep address private
suggest suburb state e.g.
Brisbane, Qld, 4000

Ignore 'Add Media'

It's best to simply ignore this 'Add Media' button at this point.


usually a brief summary of one to three paragraphs describing the property. The property description goes in the white area under the 'Add Media' button. 

Media - Picture Gallery

this is where you add up to 10 photos, that will be viewed as a slideshow. Ideally the optimal image size is 1280px X 720px and less than 150 kb.

Listing Details Heading

heading is the short unique property description e.g. "Lifestyle Plus close to Beach"

Listing Agent is your ticX member ID

Listing Features

number of

Bedrooms + Bathrooms +

Land Area

Building Area

Files and Links

this is where you add your video link ie youtube or vimeo


'Search Price' is the actual asking price.

The 'Price Text' e.g. 'For Sale by Tender'.

'Display Price' must tick to display price!

'Sale Details' This is for SOLD properties - ignore this section.


For any additional attributes not previously mentioned such as 'solar power', 'water storage tank', near dog park, etc.

Featured Image

this is where you add your preferred property image. At 'search', this will be the image seen.

ticX member + add a property

Title & Description


    Listing Details

    Listing Agent(s)

    • Search for primary agent.
    • Search for secondary agent.

    Listing Type

    Display Details

    Listing Features

    House Features

    Land Details

    Additional Features



    Heating & Cooling

    Files and Links


    Property Address

    • Drag the pin to manually set listing coordinates


    Sale Details



    Featured Image