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Affordable Homes For Sale

36 Laver Drive, Robina Qld 4226

Priced from $90,000 to $190,000 (Exc. land)

1 or 2

Granny Flats Just Got A Makeover

Funky Little Shack (FLS) has revolutionised the humble granny flat into luxury and sustainable small homes. We offer fully customised contemporary designs that add real value to your property.

All of our Shacks can be specifically designed to complement an existing home, come in a range of styles , and are constructed with wheelchair accessibility and disability support in mind.

Your backyard has become prime valuable real estate, and FLS’s mission is to help you realise more of the VALUE of your property by installing one of our beautifully designed and very liveable granny flats.

Live It, Rent It, Or Sell It

You could rent your Funky Little Shack out or release some equity through the sale of a designated separate living space (including land content).

Releasing some equity by selling a portion of your house block can be particularly useful for homeowners looking to reduce their mortgage, fund their lifestyle or top up their superannuation to help fund their retirement.

Our custom designed mini homes can, in many instances, include land content. Since the advent of the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) there may not be a necessity to strata title separate living spaces erected on the same allotment (subject to Council regulations).

A tenancy in common is created when a property (or part of a property) is sold and is then owned by two or more persons in equal or unequal shares. Each co-owner’s interest is registered on title and can be willed, sold or mortgaged separately.

A Funky Little Shack installed on your land can provide others an opportunity to get a foothold on the property ladder and receive income and long-term capital growth – or, to purchase and occupy the newly created separate living area.

Homeowners (empty nesters) looking to reduce their land size are able to lodge plans with Council to build a FLS. They can then either rent out or sell the Shack (including the designated land content) for a tax-free windfall.

Three Levels Of Sustainability

We incorporate our ethos of Triple Bottom Line Sustainability in all of our designs. Our creations are environmentally sustainable. All Shacks are orientated to capture natural sunlight and breezes, maximise space and light, help minimise energy consumption, while also maintaining views and privacy for occupants.

Our Shacks are financially sustainable. We take your budget into account without sacrificing the feeling of spacious, contemporary living. In addition, the Shack or the land can be sold to improve your financial security and reduce the size/maintenance burden of your yard.

And finally, building a Funky Little Shack on your property supports social sustainability, keeping you closer to family, friends and like-minded homeowners.

Live Bigger!

Funky Little Shack will help you save money and make money. It improves your financial security and retirement income, giving you the ability to help your family in this ever-rising property market, and lead a more enriched life.

We provide beautiful small homes for people looking to lead unique, stylish and sustainable lives. To live bigger!

Funky Little Shack services Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

To find out more about Funky Little Shack and how you could sell a tenant in common share of your (house) block together with a FLS, contact:

Mel Miller – M. Arch M.A.I.A.

Founder | Chief Designer

Phone: (07) 5679 6171


More on Granny Flat Designs and Prices Gold Coast: To learn more about our granny flat designs and prices, contact our professional team today. We’ll help you get that secondary home of your dreams.

This is a ticX listed property which means any FLS (including land content) could be purchased by two or more co-owners or a single buyer. Not everyone wants to, needs to or can afford to own or buy 100% of a home, flat or apartment.

Property Features
  • Flat
  • 1 or 2 bed
  • 1 bath
  • 1 Parking Spaces
  • New Construction
  • Toilet
  • Ensuite
  • Carport

Note to buyers: When a property is purchased by two or more co-owners, the property remains ticX listed for the term of the investment. ticX enables co-owners to monitor the property as well as providing an exit pathway should any co-owner wish to sell their share in the future.


Only ticX subscribers  have access to
the Xtra detailed information about each property


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