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If you’re considering buying a house with a partner but worried the relationship won’t last as long as the property and you might get stuck holding an unsaleable interest in property, don’t hesitate, the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) will provide you with the platform to sell your share.

ticX is short for the Tenant in Common Exchange. ticX allows any property owner (or their agent) to sell to multiple buyers for occupation or investment as well as providing a trading platform for buyers & sellers of tenant in common shares.

Post Covid, it is anticipated that ticX will change the real estate industry by allowing almost anyone to get on the property ladder. ticX enables Government and the private sector to collaborate on providing affordable social housing through a novel shared equity model.

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To access the ticXtra property details or to buy a property share you will need to be a subscriber. Subscription is FREE at:

Only ticX members are able to post listings on ticX. If you want more listings, more sales & more properties under management, secure your Australian or New Zealand ticX membership today! and private vendors the power to seek sales via ticX opens up a whole new market to them.