the trading exchange for TIC shares

the ticXchange
where ownership shares in real estate are traded
Type of Property Property Location Percentage on Offer Asking Price Make a Bid Send Me Bid Alerts
Res-Comm-Rur Click to view % $ Terms & Conditions What’s this?
Residential Apartment Surfers Paradise, Queensland 25% $200,000 Make a Bid Send Alerts
Commercial Newcastle, NSW 40% $300,000 Make a Bid Send Alerts

Types of property suitable for shared ownership.


Tenant in Common Loans and Lending

Times have changed, and the way lenders do business and the products they offer also need to change if they are going to successfully meet the housing affordability and property market challenges of the future.

TicX provides an opportunity for visionary lenders to expand into a vast disenfranchised and untapped group of potential homeowners and investors. The lender who is innovative enough to seize this opportunity will also profit from being a first mover into this demographic.

What characterises this large, disenfranchised group is that they individually have limited funds available and are largely unable to enter the property market or are unwilling to take on a large mortgage to purchase a property on their own.

Many in this disenfranchised group have already given up any hope of fulfilling their home ownership dreams despite the fact a pathway to home ownership for them does exist.

We encourage all lenders to review and re-consider their existing credit policies to include offering a TIC shared ownership mortgage with liability limited to the borrower or the borrowers third party and rate it appropriately for risk.

Secured by a registered mortgage over the title issued for the share of the property purchased and liquidity being provided via the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) secondary sale platform, there is clearly a need for a product rated between a traditional mortgage and a personal loan.

A tenant in common has the right to sell or mortgage their share of the property. This is enshrined in property law.

TicX lessens the risk of lending to co-owners through the provision of an active and liquid secondary sale facility for tenant-in-common shares in real estate.


"The 'stock exchange' for TIC shares in Real Estate"