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Subscribers have the information advantage when trading co-owner shares on the ticXchange


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  • Please Read the Following Statements:

    (i) Like any investment, investment in real estate is not without risk. Before investing in any property about which information is given, prospective investors are strongly advised to take appropriate professional advice.
    (ii) Any information provided has been prepared by or on behalf of the person who is proposing to sell shared ownership interests in a property. ticX has not undertaken an independent review of the information contained in any information provided.
    (iii) Information contained in any publication about the proposed property investment opportunity is not intended to be the only information on which the investment decision is made and is not a substitute for a product disclosure statement or any other notice that may be required under the Corporations Act 2001, as this Act may apply to the investment. Detailed information may be needed to make an investment decision, including comparative market analysis; financial statements; information about ownership; or expert opinions including valuation reports.
    (iv)To get the most value out of your subscription, we suggest you explore the Tenant in Common Exchange to discover the important role it plays in providing investors with a free and open market to buy and sell tenant in common shares in real estate.
    (v) I Understand that the above statements apply to any property investment material sent to me from ticX in the future. Should you not wish to continue to receive any further information please advise us in writing.

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