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Things to check and/or fix.

For checking: The preferred Sequence of elements in the listing template should be as follows:

  1. Header 
  2. Photo slider
  3. Heading
  4. Address of property
  5. Pricing
  6. Bed, bath, garage etc.
  7. Detailed description
  8. Video (if available)
  9. ticX Member Profile details
  10. ticXtra
  11. Google Location Map


1. Member’s summary of their listings: Michael can you come up with a solution to this? We will need to have for each member a ‘listings summary’. This listings summary will be unique to each member and be where they can see a summary of their property listings. From there they can edit or delete a listing. My suggestion would be to reduce the listing detail in the email. If the email just provided this:

Listing summary example:

Your property “36-44 Stanhill Drive, Surfers Paradise Qld 4217” has been successfully listed on the ticX.   View it here:
Edit or delete it here:

2. The ‘SELL’ button.

Note: There are three emails that auto generate when the owner wanting to sell their share, the subscriber (investor) clicks ‘yes, confirm’. 

This is the email that goes to ticX Member & ticX Admin:

Subject: Intent to sell a share in a ticX listed property


The following investor owns a share in the property at 22 Eric Street,Taree NSW 2430 and is interested in selling.




Please contact them at your earliest convenience.


This is the email that goes to the Seller of the share (the subscriber):

Subject: Intent to sell a share in a ticX listed property

To: <subscriber>

Your request to sell a share in a ticX listed property has been forwarded to ticX as well as to the ticX Member representing the property, for actioning.



3. Small issue with Select slider images up to 10. When selecting images from file you cannot go ‘shift’ ‘arrow down’ to select multiple images – you have to select one image at a time. You might have a solution for this??





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