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real estate shared ownership

Adelaide $21,923 - Auckland $40,050 - Brisbane $24,696 - Canberra $29,700 - Christchurch $46,500 - Darwin $22,000 - Hobart $21,850 - Melbourne $35,159 - Perth $22,700 - Sydney $42,764 - Wellington $38,800

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real estate shared ownership


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tenant in common eXchange

a trading platform for transacting
shared ownership of real estate


only ticX listed properties are (also) available for shared ownership.


for buyers ticX means you no longer need to buy the whole property. ticX shared ownership makes every property ‘affordable’. Buyers of ownership shares are the legal owners of the asset and their interest is separately registered on title as a co-owner.

for sellers each ticX listed property is 'available for shared ownership' or for purchase by a single buyer, whichever occurs first. ticX shared ownership allows sellers to reach a much broader buyer demographic.

common questions and answers

ticX is a trading platform for investors to directly acquire a share in a property with like-minded others, sharing expenses, rental income and capital value proportionate to the percentage held and registered on title. This is called shared ownership, co-ownership, tenancy in common or fractional ownership.

ticX is where you can de-risk your investment portfolio by only buying an ownership share of a property you can afford.

A ticX Member is an individual or organisation that takes up a Membership to the ticX platform. A ticX Member is able to list properties for sale on the ticX trading platform and can do what others are legally excluded from doing, that is, offer any real estate for sale in the usual way and at the same time to two or more co-owners whichever occurs first.

Shared ownership is where two or more buyers can share in and de-risk their investment and ownership of a high-value tangible asset such as real estate.

Yes. Your ownership share is evidenced by a real estate deed. Buyers of ownership shares are the legal owners of the asset and their interest is separately registered on title as a co-owner.

All co-owners must sign a ticX standard Tenant in Common Deed which establishes co-owner legal contractual rights and responsibilities to each other and their respective interests.

A ticX listed property sold to co-owner investors will be managed by an experienced local professional licensed property manager dedicated to delivering the best possible return to the co-owners during the term of the investment.

A tenancy in common (shared ownership) is created when a property (or part of the property) is sold and is then owned by two or more persons in equal or unequal shares.


"bringing more choice to consumers whilst
growing an exciting new market for the entire industry"

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In this modern age of democratisation and sharing concepts, the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) is leading a wave of property innovation.

ticX members provide a safe, uncomplicated way to sell and invest in residential, commercial or rural real estate while overcoming barriers of  affordability through real estate shared ownership.

ticX welcomes applications for membership from: architects, designers & builders of multi-family, dual-occupancy homes and or affordable housing; accountants; airbnb managers; buyers agents; conveyancers; developers equity release firms; financial advisors; fund managers; government affordable housing departments; investors; lenders; mortgage brokers; private vendors; sellers agents; smsf’s; superannuation funds, and others who see an opportunity in collaborating with ticX.