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tenant in common eXchange

ticX is a trading platform for
transacting fractional ownership
in real estate anywhere


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I want to buy a fractional ownership share in a
ticX listed property.

I want to list my property
for sale on ticX so I can reach a
much broader buyer demographic

I want to list a
fractional ownership
share for sale on ticX


ticX is a trading platform which enables investors to directly acquire a share in a property with other like-minded parties, sharing expenses, rental income and capital value proportionate to the percentage held and registered on title. This is called shared ownership, co-ownership, tenancy in common or fractional ownership.

ticX is where you can de-risk your investment portfolio by only buying the fraction of a property you can afford. A ticX property investment gives you monthly rental income or lifestyle enjoyment in proportion to the fraction held, plus long-term capital growth

Fractional ownership is where two or more buyers can share in and de-risk their investment and ownership of a high-value tangible asset such as real estate.

Yes. Your fractional ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed. Buyers of Fractions are the legal owners of the asset and their interest is separately registered on title as a co-owner.

The first step is to register @ ticX to become a verified subscriber

Each property purchased by two or more co-owners remains listed on the ticX trading platform for the term of the investment, both for monitoring the investment and, should an owner wish to sell their fraction, for the purpose of secondary sales. fractional owners and investors are able to login and view property manager’s reports, and potential buyers are able to make a bid to purchase a ticX fraction and/or monitor bids.

The first step is to register @ ticX to become a verified subscriber

Co-owners can login at to view income statements, condition reports and keep up to date with what’s happening with the property as well as monitor any co-owner re-sales.

Upon the sale of a property to two or more co-owners, unless all co-owners agree to mortgage the property, the property shall be free of all encumbrances.


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